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*CUSTOM* Essential Oil Roll-On Blend (with free consultation)

*CUSTOM* Essential Oil Roll-On Blend (with free consultation)

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This is an offer by Grey Jade Herbals, where you can get a custom essential oil blend, whether you want a perfume tailored to you or you want a functional blend that supports your needs!




Grey Jade Herbals is run by me, Rory Jade Grey, a queer, autistic artist with sensory processing disorder.

Scent is a difficult sense for me to navigate. Often scents like perfume are too "loud" and cause migraines or sensory overload, which severely restricts what spaces I can be in. It can be a curse. But being able to smell things so intensely, I am able to come up with unique essential oil blends that smell great and serve a functional purpose. Sometimes I can smell the individual terpenes, which lead me to create "Black Peppermint," a blend of peppermint, black pepper and spearmint.

I offer a CUSTOM essential oil blend made by me according to your needs. You will get a free consultation to talk about your favourite scents and what you want the blend to support (e.g. relaxation, pain, energy and focus, nausea, mood lifting, etc), and I will make a blend, run it by you and then handmake it just for you. (You can request any essential oils be included so you can be sure you'll like the finished product.)

Alternatively, if you want to send me your own recipe, I will be happy to make it according to your wishes!


The bottle will be 10ml and you will choose between jojoba and grapeseed oil as the carrier oil.