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F Your Modesty Art Print

F Your Modesty Art Print

Munea Wadud
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print, paper


Height: 8 Inches; Width: 8 Inches


Beautiful print, 8x8 inches, printed on good quality photopaper, glossy finish, signed, carefully packaged and includes a personal note from the artist.

This piece was made in response to Abdullah Abu Sayeed's sexist article about the saree. I won't rehash too much of his offensive text but I will explain my response to him - men like him think women are objects here to please but never to step out of the line of what they call modesty. To them, every woman is not a human, she is what must embody their views of femininity and modesty -_-

Well to men like him, I say F your modesty, I will be a woman, be a human, wear sarees covered in sex toys, sleep around, and still I am deserving of being treated with respect.