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Fossilized Shark Tooth

Fossilized Shark Tooth

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Our fossilized shark teeth are 1¼-2" long and may vary in colour and shape. The tooth in the photo is only one example, and the tooth/teeth you receive on purchase will not be identical to the one in the photo. These originate from Morocco.

This item ships directly from our store in Newmarket, Ontario.

About Shark Teeth

Shark teeth are one of the most common forms of fossil as they are initially constructed almost entirely of calcium and because sharks can shed tens of thousands of teeth each in their lives, making shark teeth an abundant type of sea debris. Shark teeth are most of what remains of prehistoric sharks, telling us much about their diet and population, and most fossilized shark teeth are hundreds of millions of years old.

Before it was understood what fossilized shark teeth were, Pliny the Elder believed that they fell from the sky during lunar eclipses. Even as recently as the Renaissance period, Europeans believed that fossilized shark teeth were the petrified tongues of serpents and thus called them "glossopetrae" (tongue stones), and they were worn by nobles as good luck charms.

In the Americas and Oceana, shark teeth have been a common material for the construction of tools like carving blades, food preparation utensils, clubs, and daggers. One example is the shark tooth club called "leiomano" used by Polynesians (mostly native Hawaiians). On the coast of Brazil, shark tooth arrows have been used.

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