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'No Bad Vibes' patch

'No Bad Vibes' patch

La Pimbêche
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In a word of chaos, we all need to support peace and compassion. This patch will always remind you to nurture love in our world.

La pimbêche patches can be used to personalize any clothing or fabric accessories you have! This one is a 3 inches (75 mm) wide embroidered patch with iron-on backing

How to apply your La pimbêche patch on a garment? Super easy!

1. Check the care instructions on the label of your garment to make sure it can be ironed.
2. Set the iron temperature to "cotton".
3. Place the patch on the clothing. (Warning, there is no turning back!)
4. Cover the patch with a clean cloth fabric such as a cotton towel, to protect it from heat. (Recommended).
5. Pass the iron on the patch for 30-45 seconds (taking breaks of 2 sec every 10 sec).
6. Let the patch cool down.
7. Turn the garment upside down and iron for another 30 to 45 seconds.
8. If the edges of the patch are raised, repeat steps 5-7.
9. Otherwise, perfect, your done!

* For synthetic fabrics or items that will be washed frequently, please consider sewing the patch.


La pimbêche


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