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People Of Color In History.-A zine celebrating black lives in history because #Blacklivesmatter.

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People Of Color In History.-A zine celebrating black lives in history because #blacklivesMatter.
100% of the proceeds from this zine will be going to black lives who need it the most during this time.

Hello and welcome! If you don’t know who I am, I’m AJ and I’m a queer cree indigenous person of color (POC) and writer, writing life through addiction and recovery. I write zines on history, queer issues, drug addiction/recovery and everything in between as I struggle with my own drug addiction demons but I’m fighting though them and so happy to say that I’m almost 1 month sober! Anyways enough about me, what’s this zine about you ask? (thanks for asking) This history zine is a lot like my other history ones that you can find on my Etsy, like all of my other history zines I write and publish these zines because the lives that came before us are important and the importance of showing these lives to all of you, is what I will always want to do, my heart aches to know that my brothers, sisters, nonbinary and trans black and indigenous lives (transgender black lives being high on the list) have gone through so much in centuries not decades but in centuries and the sad truth is that the violence and abuse and killings are still happening in this day and age in Canada and in the United States of America, and all over the world. With the killing of George Floyd in the US I knew in my heart that I had to publish this zine for all of you because this is what I do, I write about the hard things and the things that are happening all around us, in history and in the present. This zine goes through 17 stories of black lives in history, you not only get to see their story but you also get to see a photo all in color of these amazing people of color in history. At the end of this zine I have also put 7 other stories of black lives who were taken way too soon by police brutality, with the circumstances and outcomes of their stories. This zine only features 7 lives who were brutally murdered by police but I will be continuing this on to my Missing zine series where I write and research hard to read things to see and hear. This zine will be out in fall/winter of 2020 so stay tuned for that! (Check out my other published Missing zine series on here right now as well!) As I said at the top of this listing ALL (100%) of the proceeds from this zine will be going back to organizations in Canada and the USA, who support black lives because right now they need us the most. So thank you all who buy this zine, you’re not only getting my words and writing out into the world but you’re also helping those who are struggling with what has been happening right now in this world.

P.s. Don’t forget to check out all of my other history/queer history zines on here as well. And thank you all who have supported me and bought zines from me this past year! I’m almost at 400 sales and it means the world to me that you all love and appreciate my writing, you all matter and you’re beautiful, don’t ever forget that. Stay well and stay strong my friends.